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Top 5 reasons why you should use outside AV

#1. Bigger bang for your buck!

The in-house supplier is not the only option. Most venues make commissions when booking audio-visual services through a contracted provider, and that’s why those facilities recommend certain providers. A percentage of what the in-house provider charges you usually goes directly to the venue (i.e. hotel or convention center), thereby creating a need for a higher bid. A venue cannot prevent you from bringing in your own AV company and negotiating any restrictive clauses out of the contract. You hold the power!

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#2. Partnership

Contractually, the in-house provider is tied to the hotel/venue. This means that if your next event is at a different location, the business relationship you may have built will not transfer to the new destination. The outside AV provider does not suffer from this constraint, and can ensure requested points of contact and service professionals who can tour with you. MAC Production Group is familiar with your mission and message. We guarantee consistent quality from city to city.

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#3. Last minute additions are easy to manage

No matter how carefully planned the event, sometimes last minute gear additions become necessary. While in-house providers may have a store of equipment onsite, that equipment will come with a greatly increased up charge. More important than changing gear, is the ability to make on-the-spot changes in logistics and layout.

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#4. Onsite technicians are dedicated to your event

The technical staff of in-house AV providers are often responsible for multiple events in the hotel/venue at the same time, making it difficult or impossible for any customer to be their sole focus. The outside AV vendor provides dedicated support for your event. With this established partnership, event goals can be reached without the worry of micro-managing tasks and with confidence the job will get done.

#5. No surprise fees added after the event

If you book your event with MAC Production Group, you’ll never be surprised by extra costs after the event. On the other hand, in-house providers will bill extra tech time or gear without letting the client know. A great outside provider will always get approval for changes in advance, so you’re never surprised.

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