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Which new product is getting planners excited! Catchbox, the world’s first throwable microphone.

Catchbox Microphone

The buzz on the street with event planners is a new product, The CatchBox! It's a microphone that can be thrown from person to person in large group meetings or any location where there's an audience.

Planning an event with a Q & A session can be a logistical nightmare, for both the planner and the audio-visual company. Waiting for the mic to get passed to the person with a question, and hoping it doesn’t get dropped, or people just shout out their question, and no-one can hear it, is not the smooth Q & A everyone had hoped for.

Now with CatchBox, - you just throw it to them. The microphone is inside a foam box. It's just like a normal wireless microphone but you throw it. Electronics automatically mute the audio when the device is in the air or being dropped. All audience members need to do is talk, while holding the box. There's nothing complicated about using it.

It comes in multiple colors and you can even have it customized with your company or with your client’s logo.

Check out the video to see it in action, HERE.

Works with any sound system

The Catchbox can accommodate for different types of sound systems. Whether it be a small breakout session of 20 attendees, to a convention of several thousand, the Catchbox can be connected easily

Light & Soft

The Catchbox is made from a combination of durable light foams and technical fabrics, making it extremely light and durable. All the hard-electronic components are hidden inside, ensuring that dropping and throwing the device won’t damage the device or the person catching.


With a custom cover, you can flawlessly integrate your brand, message, event theme, or any other graphics onto the 4 sides of the Catchbox. This means added visibility for you or a client.

MAC can help you with Catchbox customization.

Professional Sound Quality

Catchbox was designed first and foremost to have great audio quality. Not only has the frequency response of the mic been optimized for speech, but the special construction of the device eliminates all handling noises, while the auto-mute feature mutes the mic automatically when it is dropped or thrown.

Active Auto-mute

To avoid unwanted noises caused from throwing and dropping, Catchbox comes with a patent-pending technology called auto-mute. Auto-mute senses the motion of the Catchbox and temporarily switches off the audio, when the device is thrown, caught or dropped.

Make your next conference, meeting or lecture more engaging and fun with the first microphone designed for audience participation. Call or email us about CatchBox for your next event.

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