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What should you book first?

What should you book first?

What should you book first, venue or AV production company? The venue first, Right? Conventional thinking suggests that one book the venue first. If that can be checked off the list first, everything else is just small details. This conventional thinking could not be more wrong. The minute you sign a contract with the venue, you have lost all your power (HAND). Flipping the conventional thinking on its head and walking into the venue with your AV partner negotiating by your side, keeps you in the driver's seat. Venues need you and your event to book with them, your event helps keep a healthy bottom line. Your AV partner can help you negotiate for power, rigging, internet in meeting space, & extra charges for using outside AV vendors. Many venues have found that charging clients for electricity is an easy way to make BIG money with little effort. Have your AV partner order power for you. They know what a fair price is, and how much and what is needed. Check out & Download your FREE copy of MAC's Event Planners Guide & Checklist.

Why choose MAC Production Group? The dirty little secret is that you are valued only by how much your event brings to the venue (hotel/meeting space). With MAC, your event is a top priority. We work our clients' budgets, and in the end, there are no surprises.

For over 30 years, the founder of MAC Production Group has served the AV production needs of corporations nationwide with his knowledge, experience, and a great team of experienced professionals that have teamed up with him.

MAC's reputation has been earned by providing above-and-beyond service, brilliant creativity, and problem-solving skills which, in today's all too average world, companies are desperately seeking out. We work well with event planners and show producers, and they put their trust in us to help them manage their event and keep everything running smoothly. Ask us to fill your RFP, manage your event, foreshadow your vision with drawings, and help you design and sequence your show from start to finish.

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