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Summer Event Checklist

Summer Event Checklist

Summer is here and the heat is ON! Event planners must prepare for summer weather changes. From different types of venues to labor concerns and AV equipment. Hot summer weather demands event planners to think outside the ballroom with summer event planning.
Here is your checklist to follow when planning an event in the summer months:

1. Know your outdoor venue

This may seem like an obvious one, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook. Plan a walk thru with your client. Get their ideas of how they want their event to look and start planning the safety measures. For outdoor summer events by pools or bodies of water are less common throughout the rest of the year, it is very important to know the layout of the venue. Since water and electricity don’t mix, it is important to have a professional set up your event to spec and keep your guests safe. Knowing that there might be wet guests, place AV equipment and run the cables out of the guest way.

2. Air conditioning and cooling stations

When planning an indoor or outdoor event during the summer, you must think about AC and cooling stations. We’ve all been to an event, where there were a lot of people squeezed into a small space and it got way too hot -- FAST. Adjusting AC temperature keeps guests comfortable in small indoor spaces. For closed tented events, special AC units can blow cool air in. For outdoor events have lots of cooling stations and water misters. Cooling stations are a must if alcohol is being served.

3. Plan labor around weather

During the summer months with outdoor events, it is wise to look at the weather for load in and load out times. With rainy weather during the load in time, the crew and planner will have to have a plan B. Set-up can be after it rains or if possible, set-up can be done the night before. Take precautions to cover up AV gear if rainy weather is in the forecast. Labor for outdoor summer events are tough on any great crew. Heat exhaustion, dehydration, and setting up in 90+ degree weather are big concerns. Easy solutions are earlier morning or late-night set-up times, extra set up time, and having lots of water are the keys to a happy crew.

4. Cross-reference your event’s date and time with other events

Outdoor summer events are very popular with music and entertainment festivals. When planning your event in the summer months, be sure to check the dates and times of other local events. Conflicts with other events may result in low attendance numbers and low revenue on ticket sales. It is wise to coordinate the time, date, and location of the event to best suit all parties involved.

With this checklist in mind, it is time to go out and plan some amazing summer events!

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